Are you seeking to build more bridges in your business and your life?

Are you interested in seeing and hearing others’ perspectives to be a more supportive business owner and person?

 Are you struggling to have conversations with friends, family members and team members whose opinions and beliefs offend you or go against your own values?

Are you willing to participate in a growth experiment to strengthen your belief system & identify your own unconscious personal bias’?

Good, because so are thousands of people!

"Love For
Every Home”

With a goal to grow personally and professionally and love each other through the bad and good, some of us who really care about the future, have decided to embark on a unique experience and we’re inviting you to join us.

“Love For Every Home” is a dedicated space where we are committed to diversifying our perspectives and furthering our own self-awareness. We’ll accomplish this primarily through a series of facilitated diversity and inclusion discussions on zoom and within our members-only Facebook group. This experience will push, challenge, and grow us into better business owners… and better humans. We will also have resources, book clubs and real-life learning.

The requirements are simple. We ask for your open mind, your humility and your dedication to having your beliefs challenged and your perspective expanded. We ask that you contribute to the project via a sliding scale to help us pay for paid webinars and speakers and also help share this information with members on your team (or family & friends!) who may be interested.

HOW IT WORKS. We hold regular zoom calls with various topics to discuss and learn from. This project will be ongoing with no end date.

Timeline to Date


  • Access the Love For Every Home FB group
  • Engage in pre-learning via articles and video recommendations to open our minds and hearts to the issues of diversity and inclusivity.

November +

  • Processing Call with our Diversity & Inclusivity specialists in mid-November after the election. Whichever way the election goes, we’ll need a way to come together. We will have a call with our specialists to help us process whatever the outcome is from the election.
  • Continue with our pre-learning with article & video recommendations in the FB group. ​


We will be coming together one time a month with live workshops via ZOOM calls with paid speakers and for group discussion and unlearning activities. These discussions will help us learn to:

  • Build bridges and find common ground in life and in business
  • Have productive conversations to confront differences of opinion
  • See and hear others’ perspectives without being defensive
  • Proactively learn from others and what they’re going through.
  • Grow and strengthen our belief system
  • Work toward having conversations to engage more people in our lives and our businesses who are different from us
  • Broaden our scope of influence and effectiveness
  • Help us see our own personal bias’ so we can be more aware of how we may be contributing to systemic racism and how we can work on creating equality and equity in our communities.

How Do I Join?

We created a sliding scale fee of $30-500. It’s a one-time fee to help us cover the cost of paid webinars we’ll do together and paid speakers we will bring into the group. Once we raise enough to cover these expenses, anything leftover will be donated to the Young Living Foundation, which is a non-profit helping women and children connect with the resources necessary for them to be empowered to change their lives. Young Living Essential Oils covers 100% of the administrative and operating costs of the Foundation so every penny donated goes to the people in need.