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​Young Living has been around for 25+ years. They are one of the oldest and largest essential oil companies around. The MAIN difference between Young Living and any other essential oil company is that Young Living OWNS THEIR OWN FARMS (all over the world!). Any other essential oil company buys their oils pre-distilled. Sure, other oil companies can test for certain constituents in the oils but they have NO idea what the soil conditions are, the quality of the seed, the cleanliness of the water used on the crops, etc.

Young Living owns their own farms all over the world or partners with farms that are willing to live up to our high standards. Our partner farms only sell to Young Living and are trained in our growing and distilling procedures. When using essential oils, you want to make sure you are using the most pure, the most natural, the safest product on the market. You want to ensure that whatever you are breathing or applying onto your skin IS 100% pure and natural. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloostream and you want that to be free of synthetics and additives, right?

​Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee. This means that their farms and partner farms have quality control over every step of the process. They make sure the dirt is tested for pesticides and herbicides. They make sure the seeds are harvested from their own plants and have no GMOs. They test the water for chemicals. They harvest according to the best yield of plant oils--harvesting sometimes during the day but sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes by hand, tool or machine. They distill on-site in medical-grade stainless steel drums (vs aluminum drums) with a slow, low-heat pressurized distilling process, not a fast, flash-heat distillation process. They distill ONE time (vs distilling multiple times which is essentially like using the same coffee grounds over and over). They bottle on-site or at the Young Living headquarters. Learn more about our Seed to Seal Guarantee HERE.

You can even visit the Young Living farms and be a part of the harvesting and distilling process!

Carol has visited Young Living's farms in Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Ecuador, Croatia, Australia and Canada.

They actually welcome visitors and encourage people to come be a part of the harvesting process.


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