essential oils

my story

I had heard about Young Living essential oils years ago...but never got around to really investigating them. I dabbled in using the store bought essential oils for awhile because I was too cheap to buy Young Living oils, but we never really saw much of a difference with how we were feeling.  In October 2013, I decided to give "the real deal" a try and I bought a Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit through a friend and figured I'd only use the diffuser and the Thieves oil to help support our immune system. But, wouldn't you know it, I learned about all of the uses of the other oils in the kit and now my family uses essential oils for so many every day issues. It's amazing how great we feel--emotionally and physically--and how just a drop of Young Living essential oil helps us with so many things.

At the time, I had a thriving HypnoBirthing practice and Hypnotherapy practice. I thought that's what I was put on Earth to do. I had no intentions of doing this as a business. But with mounting credit card debt and no other way out than for me to work weekends and be away from my family (my husband was a teacher at the time), I saw a glimmer of hope. I started sharing about our successes using oils without being a pushy sales person and before I knew it, I was bringing in a commission check. Within 1 year, I was able to close my practice and within 2 years, I was able to help my husband retire from his job as a teacher. Now, I get to empower people on a bigger scale than I ever could as a HypnoBirthing instructor and Hypnotherapist and it's definitely been the most rewarding job that I've ever had.

So, what ARE essential oils?


Well, they aren't just something to make the room smell good!


Essential oils are the living fluid inside the plant that acts as their immune system. These plant fluids are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune-strengthening properties of plants. They are necessary for the plant to live and contain vibrational energy that helps to give them therapeutic properties. When these fluids are distilled and extracted using a highly regulated, low-heat, slow-steam process and then used topically, aromatically or internally, they can help bring that vibrational energetic level that is lacking in our bodies back into balance. Essential oils are composed of microscopic molecules that are able to penetrate into the DNA/cellular level of every cell in our body (even crossing the blood-brain barrier) and can help to support our body’s natural healing systems.

Most people have no idea that essential oils can support the body's natural healing processes but plants have been used to help support the body for thousands of years. Today, more and more people are becoming interested in alternative ways of supporting the body and essential oils are one way to incorporate natural health and wellness into your life. Learn more about how to use oils and about the oils in the starter kit here.